DIY: Style It Up With Your Own Duit Raya Packet Designs

DIY: Raya Packet

With the Raya festivities coming up, the team at Habitatt decided to put on our DIY-hats to create our very own duit raya packet designs with Habitatt's Vogue range. Nothing like styling it up with your very own personalized duit raya packet designs. 


Here's what you would need:
* Free Printable Duit Raya Packet Template [Download here]
* Art Card of your colour preference
* Scissors
* Double-sided tape
* A Pencil and a Ruler
* Your choice of Habitatt

DIY Raya Packet

Step 1:
Print the template unto an A4 sized paper and trace it onto your art card. Alternatively, you could also print the template directly on the art card.

Step 1: Trace template


Step 2:
Cut packet from template

Step 2: Cut packet to size

Step 3:
Design your Duit Raya Packet with our Vogue range of Habitatt 

Step 3: Decide on design_1

Step 3: Decide on design_1


Step 4:
Remove clear protective top sheet and carefully affix the chosen Habitatt on to the art card. Hold wet cloth against back of Habitatt and ensure that it is wet thoroughly. Be careful not to wet the other parts of the art card. 
Step 4: Attach Habitatt
Step 5:
Wait for 30 seconds and remove paper backing
Step 5: Remove Habitatt
Step 6:
Fix the double-sided tapes on the inner sides of the back flap and attached it to the side flaps.
Step 6: Tape flap
Step 6: Attach flap
And there you have it. Your very own personalized duit raya packet that would surely be the talk of the kampung this Hari Raya!
June 24, 2016 by Habitatt Supply Co.
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