Habitatt Supply Co is a design store in Kuala Lumpur that makes the finest quality designed temporary tattoos.

We started the store for the notion that awesome people deserve awesome things from awesome designers. And that’s why we work with creative designers from across the region to produce the finest quality designed temporary tattoos.


Let’s bust some myths. Here’s the real deal.

  • Habitatt is printed with soy-based ink and is compliant to the highest safety standards (SGS-Compliant with certification for TRA and E71). It’s safe for everyone to use…even your pets.
  • Habitatt is water proof and long lasting. Lasting more than 3 days depending on use
  • We are proud to give designers a direct cut out of every Habitatt we sell.
  • Habitatt feels good on your skin. It affords a #swaglikenoother
  • Delivers everywhere.

Now that you’ve got to know a little more about us, let’s spread Habitatt, not war.

Read more about us and the stuff we love at our feature on Says.com here


Hit us up at hello@habitatt.co for other deets. 

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