What is Habitatt and how does it work?

Habitatt is the finest quality designed temporary tattoo that can be applied on the skin. We have a full site to guide you on tatt-ing up.


Is Habitatt safe for kids & me?

Safety is our main concern. When it comes to printing our Habitatts, we are proud to say that all Habitatt tattoos are printed with non-toxic soy-based ink that is compliant to the highest safety standards (SGS-Compliant with certification for TRA and E71). Yes, it’s safe to use on skin for everyone – just don’t put them near your eyes or other sensitive parts of your body.


I live in Middle Earth. Do you deliver?

Yes we do. We deliver to every corner of the world where Mr. Postman can take them. If you’re deep in Middle Earth, It may take some time to get it to you but we’ll find a way to deliver. Here’s our awesome delivery page for more info.


How long does Habitatt last?

Most Habitatts can last for more than 3 days depending on use. Our Habitatts are waterproof, so that’s not an excuse to refuse a good shower.


How do I remove my Habitatt?

We don’t know why you would ever want to do that?! But if you do, simply rub it with water and soap or baby oil and it’ll come right off.  Using cellophane tapes also does the trick - just paste a cellophane tape on the tatt and peel. 


Set of 3? What does that even mean?

Each design comes packed with a set of 3 awesome habitatts (of the same design). That’s so you get three times the fun, three times the awesomeness and three times the swag!


Can I design my own Habitatt?

Yuuup, you can design your own customized Habitatt for any corporate events or parties and we’ll get them printed and delivered to you with the highest of satisfaction. We can even design one specifically for you. Check out our Custom Habitatt page for more details


I want to sell Habitatt at my store. How do I do it?

If you’re up for this crazy ride with us, hit us up at hello@habitatt.co and we can share our fancy-shmancy plans for world domination.


I have an event and I would love Habitatt to be part of it

We love dressing people up with Habitatts for parties and events. Hook us up at events@habitatt.co and let us make your event a fan-tatt-stic one!

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